Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy 'go hide under a rock' day

This is what I would have liked to post on facebook, but am certain I would have had a face-spank for doing so:

"Happy 'go hide under a rock' day to all those who can't and don't have children - those who have lost children, tried to have them but can't, chosen not to have them, or who have lost contact with their children."

Seriously, my facebook newsfeed is one massive Mother's Day overshare.

Thanks to M though for including me in her own facebook post and as one of the women to be celebrated today - it meant a lot.


  1. Exactly, thanks for this! I was afraid to post anything on my facebook today, when what I really wanted to do is link to your Hand Mirror post.

    I am childfree by choice and really resent the judgement I get from my (ex?) friends because "mothering is the best job in the world". Actually I think my job is the best job in the world - that's why I have it - but I don't talk about it non-stop, and I wish that some of the mothers I know would talk about something else once in a while. I miss having interesting conversations about other stuff with them!

  2. Pleased to hear you liked it! Check out the STFU, Parents site (if you haven't already).

  3. Step mothers hate this day too!

  4. Yep, will add that to the list (it wasn't an exhaustive list btw).