Saturday, May 7, 2011


One of the reasons this Mother's Day is harder than last time is not just because of the continued lack of conception, but because my Grandfather just passed away, and I have to face the hard reality that he will never know my children (if we have them). We were very close and it would have been wonderful for them to have met their Great-Grandfather, but now he will only be a Great-Grandfather on paper. I blame myself (irrational I know) for not conceiving 'in time' to make him an in-person Great-Grandfather.

This is the kind of irrational nonsense that we childless ones enforce upon ourselves.

Anyways, I will suck it up and remember to call my Grandmother today (she is the type that will appreciate it), although I would like to point out that I think it's more important that I've organised to stay overnight in Wellington after work there tomorrow so that I can spend some time with her - I don't need 'Mother's Day' to think about her and show her that I love her.

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